Pretty Ugly: About


O hai! I'm Lizzie. 

Welcome to this frivolous waste of web space.

I'm a pathological picture-taker who has serious anger issues. I eat books for breakfast, slay dragons and darkspawns during my spare time and habitually fantasize about Anubis (disturbing, I know). I also am into history, anatomically-incorrect Asian fashion dolls, paroxysm of rage, the occult, escapism and all that jazz. 
I am socially maladroit and I have a rather objectionable sense of humor, or so I've been told. Sertraline Bupropion is my best friend.

I can projectile vomit at will. 



Why do you swear a lot?

Because it feels so fucking good. 

What do you do? 

I shoot people for a living. I'm a professional monkey in heels. 

 Who takes your blog pictures?

The kyootest photographer I know.

What are your favorite clothing brands?

Those that won't hurt my wallet. My favorites are River Island, Forever 21, H&M, Bershka, amongst other high street brands. I'm stingy, alright? I'm saving up for prosthetic testicles for my cats! 

What camera/lenses do you use for your blog pictures? 

Canon 50D and Canon 5D. I often use my standard zoom lens (18-200mm). I also shoot with my 50mm f/1.2 and 24-105mm f/4. 

Do you Photoshop your pictures?

Nooooooooo... They're SOOC (straight out of the camera). I'm that awesome... and poreless! 

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

So-feminine-your-teeth-will-hurt, extraordinarily boring and predictably Stepfordwife-ish. I never said I was fashionable.

 How tall are you?

I'm a hobbit. No more than 160 cm. However, my inflated sense of importance makes me look tall. Verrry tall.

Care to meet up when you're free? 

I frequently meet up with lady blogger friends. If you don't have ovaries, forget about it. 

Why won't you publish my comment?

Because I don't want to. 

How did you lose weight so easily? 

Through deprivation, exhaustion and the dark arts.  

Why don't you show your teeth when smiling in your pictures? 

I have a stupid smile. I show way  too many choppers (heck, you'll probably see my molars when I smile).

But my teeth are white because I had them bleached.