May 22, 2015

REVIEW: Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF50

I was born with pale skin that easily burns and gets peppered with rashes if I stay a tad too long under the sun that's why I make it a point to religiously apply sunblock before I go out outside.

I had been on the hunt for a good SPF lotion for a while and I ended up getting Eau Thermale Avène Spray. It is formulated for sensitive skin (according to them) and claims to have a high sun protection factor.

Most of the sunblocks on the shelf have tanning effect.. which I did not need because I just bought a new foundation and cool shades of lipsticks. If I would get tanned (which I rarely do, I just turn roasted piglet color), I would have to get a new batch of makeup that would suit a copper skin tone. Not worth all the hassle, really. When I told the sales assistant that I only needed a normal sun protection cream without the suntanning bonus, she gave me a disapproving look.

I mean, what the FUCK? If you want to have a bronzed skin, good for you.. but don't give me that stupid look and get all judgey if I choose to stay with my pasty, unsexy complexion. Bitch, please?!

Moving on to the review. I hope you're not expecting a thorough one because I'm lazy.


- It did protect my skin. There were times that I forgot to reapply it but I still did not have a nasty sunburn.

- It's a spray.. makes it easier to apply.

- Water resistant.

- The bottle is orange. I like orange.


- It feels very sticky and gross during the first several minutes.

- It made me break out. I had pimples EVERYWHERE after a day of using it: my chest, my neck, my legs. It's disgusting!

- Price is unreasonable. I got it for CHF 38.90 (USD 41)

CONCLUSION: I'm sure there are other better sunblocks in the market. I won't be buying this one again, unless I am left with no option.

May 20, 2015

Showing Off: May Picks

Ever since I moved to Switzerland, I have been deprived of all things kawaii. I even dressed ugly for monthssss. It's a sad story, really.

To rectify the situation, I shopped like a maniac online. Now, I feel like life is worth living again. Gotta love retail therapy.

I got these cutesy brushes from Essence. They're cheap but the quality is not so bad. The bristles are soft. I also like the short handles. It makes them easy to stuff in my purse. 

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master is quite good. I got it in Festival Pink. It makes my lips look plump, moist and.. pink. Duh. This will probably be one of my fave daytime lippies. 

Peripera Peri's Tint is also a great buy. It is easy to apply, pigmented and long-lasting. It also looks like a pen. I can't wait to use it in public and see people's reaction. I got the shade Bloody Kiss --- it makes me look like someone has punched me hard across my mouth, which is the look I'm going for, anyway. 

A friend did a review on this HERE

Because oiliness is next to poverty.

I'm excited to try Etude House Face Blur. I hope it's like Photoshop in a bottle. Imagine how convenient that would be!

This travel brush set is from Claire's. I have no idea why I bought it.

Lip Concealer from Innisfree.  I also don't know why I got this.

It's so fluffeeeh I'm going to dieeeee!

I live in a place where it is rather unacceptable for a woman my age to indulge in cuteness.. so I'm going to fucking wear this bag proudly everyday from now on. God, I miss Asia!

Enough bragging for today. Toodles!

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. I'm not that poor. 

March 06, 2015

Basel Fasnacht 2015

It was my second time to see the Basel Carnival. It still left me in awe.  It was as bold and as vibrant as the last time I witnessed it.

This centuries old tradition has deep-rooted societal and political significance, and I can't tell you anything beyond that because... DUH. I'm just a tourist. I'm totally clueless. I can only view it from an outsider's perspective. I just see the colors and feel the excitement in the air.

You know what my favorite part is? The treats the Waggis are throwing to the crowd. There are oranges, carrots,  stalks of celery (yes, you read that right), candies, flowers, chips and other goodies. If they don't like you (or you are not wearing a Carnival Badge), they will give you radish or dump a mountain of confetti on you. It is recommended that you buy a carnival badge because the profit finances the festival itself (and you lessen your chance of getting stuffed with confetti --- I tell you, it itches like hell).

Waggis are the dudes wearing clown-like masks. They are not clowns, however. They are a good- natured depiction of Alsatian/French farmers.

Wow. I sound like a very annoying Know-It-All.

Anyway, here are some sucky pictures. I was very grumpy when I took these, thus the suckiness.