March 07, 2015

Well, Hello There!

Oh, wow. It's been more than a year. I missed this.

I had a really long hiatus. A lot of things have happened and I'm going to update you whether you like it or not because I'm self-important.

In chronological order:

--- Got fat.

--- Moved countries.

--- Lost weight.

--- Moved countries again.

--- Tried to off myself by jumping off a freezing cold lake. I badly wanted to be a mermaid.

--- Woke up in the high security section of a psychiatric facility (hey, this was on my bucket list!). The said facility looked like a French villa atop a hill and with mountain + lake view. So posh and pretty!

--- Tried to off myself by OD-ing on sedatives, chased with alcohol.

--- Got a job, yay!

--- Started to see progress. Depression got less and less severe.

--- Regained my self esteem. At least half of it.

--- Said the F word, with passion,  eleventyseven hundred times.

It's a long, painful process but I know I will somehow get through this. I have been fighting this shit since late 2012, and I don't intend to chicken out now. Life is a cruel bitch, sure... but I can be the bigger, crueler, bitchier bitch. Gosh, I'm so eloquent!

So, if you are suffering from clinical depression and you happen to stumble upon this blog post... know that there is hope even though everything seems bleak. Of course I  wrote this line to seem like I care.

See how happy I am?

Notice how white my teeth are?

P.S. I was just going through my posts on my travel blog and noticed how douchebag-ish I sounded, (considering it's my more decent blog). I love it.

Click to enlarge. 

March 06, 2015

Basel Fasnacht 2015

It was my second time to see the Basel Carnival. It still left me in awe.  It was as bold and as vibrant as the last time I witnessed it.

This centuries old tradition has deep-rooted societal and political significance, and I can't tell you anything beyond that because... DUH. I'm just a tourist. I'm totally clueless. I can only view it from an outsider's perspective. I just see the colors and feel the excitement in the air.

You know what my favorite part is? The treats the Waggis are throwing to the crowd. There are oranges, carrots,  stalks of celery (yes, you read that right), candies, flowers, chips and other goodies. If they don't like you (or you are not wearing a Carnival Badge), they will give you radish or dump a mountain of confetti on you. It is recommended that you buy a carnival badge because the profit finances the festival itself (and you lessen your chance of getting stuffed with confetti --- I tell you, it itches like hell).

Waggis are the dudes wearing clown-like masks. They are not clowns, however. They are a good- natured depiction of Alsatian/French farmers.

Wow. I sound like a very annoying Know-It-All.

Anyway, here are some sucky pictures. I was very grumpy when I took these, thus the suckiness.

August 25, 2014

Common People Eatery & Bar

Common People Eatery and Bar was one of my most favorite places when I was still living in Jakarta. I even held my farewell party there months ago.

Ehgad, I swear I really wanted to write a detailed post about this place.. but no one ever reads a long ass post, anyway. I also want you to save time, so yay bullet points!

* The interior is sublime. It's eclectic-elegant-quirky. I have to admit that I went there the first time because the decor drew me in.

* Even the washroom is pretty!

* They serve alcohol.

* They're open for brunch.

* It's a fancy place. And the prices are just as fancy.

* Barbecue Salmon Fillet with Herb Butter and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict  are the dishes you should try if you visit there.

* Staff are attentive and friendly. Patient too. We were a wild bunch during my farewell party but they took it in a stride.

Common People Eatery and Bar

Plaza Bisnis Kemang I
Jl. Kemang Raya 2
Jakarta, Indonesia